Boitatá The Demon with Bright Eyes

Boitatá is a entity which name means “running fire”. It´s know too as Baitatá, Biatatá, Bitatá e Batatão used to designate, in Brazil, the phenomenon of will-o’-the-wisp (ignis fatuus). It´s one of the first entities registered in the country, and its was first mentioned by the priest José de Anchieta, em 1560. It´s described as a snake of fire, but in Santa Catarina the monster appear as a bull with a single eye and bright as a fire. From Tupi, “mboi” means snake and “tata” fire. As mentioned by Anchieta, the demon dwells the shores, beaches and Rivers and punishes who set fire in the forest.

According to one of the legends, boitatá was the boigaçu snake, which inhabited a dark cave. Then a great flood invaded the place and all the animals ran to a great hill. Boigaçu took advantage of situation because was the only animal which was able too see in the darkness… The snake hunted many animals, and there was so much food that decided eate only their eyes. But eated too much of this kind of food and her eyes became bright as fire . And the frugal meal turned his body transparent. So, the thing is seen as a couple of bright ball floating over the forest and plains, this because her body is translucent. If anyone meet the thing, shall close the eyes, or you´ll go blind, crazy or die.


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