Uirapuru Legends

The Uirapuru bird legend

An Young warrior fell in love for the tribe chief’s wife. How he can’t approach her, he asked to Tupä (Tupä is the main god of god of brazilian indigenous tries) to turn him into a bird. Tupä turned him into a bright red bird, which sing along the night to his loved one.

However was the husband who noticed his singing. He was so fascinated that pursued the bird to cage him. The Uirapuru flew way to forest and the chief lost himself. During the night, the Uirapuru came back and sung to woman. He always sing, waiting for the day she”ll notice his singing and his spell… And this is why he is considered a charm to obtain success in love ad business.  

Another version

 It’s said in south Brazil, there was a indigenous tribe, whose chief was loved by two beautiful girls. He didn’t know which girl he’ll choose, then the young man promised marry the one who had the best shot. Accepted the proof, the two girls trew their arrows, but only one got the aim. She married him.

The another named Oribici cried so much, so much that her tears formed a fountain and a stream. Se begged to Tupä to turn her into a little bird to visit the chief without be recognized. Tupä made this. However she realized that e love his wife and she flew away to north Brazil, reaching the Amazon woods.

 To consulate her, Tupä gave her a beautiful singing. So, she sings to forget her sorrow, and another birds meet the Uirapuru, they silence to hear his song. Then the only thing that you hear in forest, is the singing of Uirapuru.


Kings and queens covet a feather or a bit of Uirapuru nest, considered a precious charm, The man who own a feather, say the legend, will be irresistible to women and will be luck in business. A woman who has a bit of his nest will have a passsionate, loyal lover for all her life. The lucky person who hear the song shall make a wish and it will be came true 


About the legend of Uirapuru bird…

I forgot to say the meaning of tapiragem… Tapiragem: Indigenous from Amazon, Venezuela and Mato Grosso change the colours of plough and parrots´feathers to make handcrafts. To obtain this, them they take off the feathers from the wings and tail, they rub the skin with a vegetal oil and give to birds special meals as eggs of turtle, milky secretions from frog´s skin, fish, as “pirarucu” , and safflower´seeds and urucum. The result, known as tapiragem, is that the feathers lose the blue or green original and the the new ones become red or yellow-gold (this shade, rare, is the favourite to make the artcrafts).


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