Maranhao state legends

The Culture Broadcasting presented an interesting program about Maranhão state. The poet Ferreira Gullar ( showed his opinions about the state. According to him, the term Maranhão came from “maranha”, which means wires entirely entangled. Seems also means “malandragem” (to be not so honest…). According with a popular saying.

São Luís city (Maranhão capital) has some interesting legends. They have their own version to amazon boto legend. People says Dom Sebastião wander around the city and outskirts seducing women… (Do you remmember any legend?) Hence, when the young, married women appear pregnant “without reason” they blame the poor ghost. Good excuse isn’t it?

Another story tells of the great serpent which lives under São Luís city, and according locals, its head can be seen in the well at a local church… Well, SãoLuís is an island, and if the serpent decide to move someday, the city can be destroyed by an earthquake. There I remember me of a look alike legend: the legend of Parintins city , which is a island (that amazon people say goes to sink someday) and of Cobra Grande legend too.

Ah. They have the “cuxá” ricé, which remind of “manissoba…” To make the dish – cuxá – you shal the little plant (I forgot the name), shrimp, smelling peppers, salt, and so on…

According to poet, Maranhão has much French influence, the cook is more delicate than the Bahian cook. What means they have all the bahian dishes but they food is a light (or French) version… But Bahia doesn´t have the cuxá rice… Below links to Maranhão images:

Church of the Deportation:

Church of the Rosary:

Presbiterian church:

SãoLuís houses:


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