Manioc Legend

The Gods.. At human´s dawn, the gods hid the colours inside the trees, animals and ground and kept to themselves the “tapiragem” speel inside the birds. And they waited.. Everything was dark, and of a sudden, was created the Sund (kuat) and the Moon (Iaê).
The wisdom gods showed Nature to humans to they respect and protect the Earth. Then painted the skin to give breathlife to life, colour to colours, to show joy and the reason for the human life. Through a spell, they turned the feathers and gave to birds the sky colours..
The dream of fly, never was realised by humans, but in theis spirits, they flew as far as God´s home.. And Gods smiled, because they believed in humans…

Manioc Legend

Manioc is a starch root, very bulky, used to make a kind of special flour. The manioc flour is the daily dish to amazon people. They eat fish,. meat, rice, beans with this flour. This root has a strong poision, which must be eliminated during its preparation, when the root is fermented, and after, boiled.

In a distant past, the daughter of a powerful indian chief (tuxuau) was sent off the village, because she became pregnant by a misterious way… She found out a old hut into forest, and lived there till the birth of a a child. The beautiful girl was very, very white.. Because of this her mother called her Mani.

The birth news spreaded through several villages and her father forget his anger, and cross rivers ad forest to see his beloved daughter.. When he saw the little child, he was so happy that he pray to gods…

Mani was so sweet that everyones loved her… However, when she was three-years-old, she died, of the same misterious was as she came to world.. Her mother buried the little girl and so sad was her mother that she cried for hours and hours. Even with her sore eyes, she saw a little plant growing on the tomb.

Everyone came to see the miracle. The plant has a thick, white root and was horned shape. Everyone wanted taste the root, in honour of the beloved child.

Meaning: Mani = Mani, the child´s name Oca = aca, silimilar to horns.


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