Iurupari – The God of Dreamland

In the time of Amazon, one of the “Icamiabas” , one of the women fallen in love by a handsome warrior. There was a law in her Taba which, after a love night, the woman abandoned her loved , after offering to him the sacred rock – muiraquitã.

The two lovers had been obliged to separate and had suffered so much that Iurupari (God of the Dreamland), decided to consulate them. And then, during the night, when they dream they meet each other.

Iurupari made to them spiritual net with the most colourful feathers. But one day, the warrior, being more and more in love by the Icamiaba who he only meet in dreams, decided to go to the tribe of Amazonas warriors. So, wandering him looking for his loved one, the women catch him and took to the tribe as a prisioner. In the maloca, the Amazonas women decided to sacrifice him.

When came the night and the silence filled the Tabe, appeared his loved, to try save his life. She asked to him to run away. But he refused, becayse he was a brave warrior and prefer the death than the shame. So the woman saw that her tears were useless.

She summoned Iurupari, then colisng her eyes, she slept beside her warrior. At morning, the women found out the two lovers dead in the net.

“It was Iurupari! It was Iurupari! …” – said everyone, scared. And, clapping and shaking maracás, in a infernal howl, they try not see the flaming vision of Iurupari, that ran away with the light of the dawn. 


Sobre shironaya

web 2.0 addict, crazy about legends, stories, drawing, cinema, painting. adoro web 2.0, lendas, estórias, desenho, cinema, pintura.

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