Iara – the Amazon mermaid

An old “pajé” (wizard, that has the power of cure) feelling that he will die, called his son and said:

– Guanumbi, hear with attention, you´llbe the heir of my glory and my trophies and I don´t wanna hide nothing from you. Your mother, before die, ask me to never allow you swim in the big lagoon, for there lived, in the time of your grandparents, an old woman so old, so old that you couldn´t count down the moons of her age.
One day, your grandfather asked to her to talk with him and she foretold:

” You will have a grandson so strong and handsome as the leopard, and who will use the bow with the agility of a lightning.

The tribes will call him ‘ the sun and fire´s son ‘ . But your energy and prestige will disappear if he see, in the water, the Yara´s image.”

The old pajé closed his eyes and died. So the years goes by, Guanumbi was a teenager. He loved, and Iaci, your bride, was the virgin promised in his dreams and who fill his soul with affection.

One night, wandering them, in pleasant thoughts, when, far away, reflected by the moonlight, they saw the lagoon´s waters… Iaci asked to go there. And so in love was Guanumbi, that he disobeyed his father´s warning.

– Let´s go, I fear nothing, beside you my love!!!

They went and soon, they had in front of their eyes the vision of the dreadful lagoon. Holding each other hands and distracted by the magic of the moonlight, the lovers were looking the beauty of the silent and melancholic water, when Guanambi noticed in the bottom of the lagoon there was a face, that looks as Iaci, but, million of times more beautiful, with green hair, green as the “muiraquitãs” stones.

The face were approaching and reaching the surface of the water. Fascinated, squatted down, staring at the vision and saw that the dazzling image was submerging in the water and saw her hair reached the bottom of the water, where their roots.

Guanambi, hallucinated, strechted his arms out and fell on the abyss of the waters. It was the sinister aparition of the Iara, whose half bottom is a fish and the top half is a beautiful woman, who spell the young men that come to the rivers and lagoons,to fish or swim.

Muiraquitã – the sculpted stone given by the Amazon warriors to their lovers who gave daughters to them.


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