A Maués´indian couple was together many years without being blessing with a children. Then they prayed to Tupã., king of gods, to have a baby to their happiness. Tupã knew that they were very kind and decided to attend the wish, sending to them a pretty boy. As time goes by, the boy grew handosome, wise and generous.

However, Jurupari, the god of darkness, felt an great envy of the boy and the peace and happiness that he spread, and decided then to kill him. One day the boy was collecting fruits in the forest and Jurupari took advantage of the occasion to have his revenge. He turned himself into a poisonous serpent and bited the boy, killing him. The sad news spreaded quickly. At this moment, thunders had echoed into forest and were heard in village.

The mother, who was crying, noticed that thoses thunders were messages from Tupã, saying to her to plant the child´s eyes. The indians had obeyed the order of the mother and had planted the eyes. In the place grew up a plant, which fruits are white, with a black center who reminds of a human eyes. Guaraná or guaraná is a shrub or small tree whose seed is used a popular brazilian soda, which is called guarana too…

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