When the first man arrived in Amazon found a great caititu, that said to him:

– I am the king of these Lands. Everything obey to me and I am strongest among the strongest creatures which lives here.

The tapuio, distrustful and envious, followed him. They walked, and walked, until the virgin forest… To an energetic gesture of caititu, the tapirs ran to open a way through the bushes, and the alligator, offered their backs to the pair to allow them cross the river..uticket in the backs as if they was ubás. Sucurijus had been risen, in rigid curves, and with their tail´s extremities harvest fruits to them. The leopards brushed against them as domesticaded cats… Then said caititu:

– Everything serve me, what more you want?

And with an angry face, the man answered:

– I am hungry… and I wanna hunt!!

And killed with a arrow the poor caitutu, his guide and server…. Caititu shouted, so strident that all the animals ran away… The tapuio then heard he wind´s voice among the trees, as laughter´s outbursts and they were repeating and repeating, as the echoes of waterfalls… “He is Curupira. He is Curupira” – everything repeated!

And the Curupira, the ruller of the great forests, sentenced the first man:

– Because of your wickedness the Realm of The Forest is locked to you. You will be eaten by the beasts and all the good animals will run away from you… Cursed you are! Forever!…

And the wild voice of the Curupira lost among the forest as a distant echo … Since this day, he is seen in forest, among the bushes, riding caititus.. The exotic figure of the Curupira…


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